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haris300's Z32.

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life goals are to live there

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Car Shop Glow FD3S RX-7 LED Taillights

Oh yeahhhhhh

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photos from dubai’s 828 meter tall burj khalifa (save the first and last photos, which show the building) by (click pic) daniel cheongkarim nafatnibjoern lauen and dave alexander. duabai only experiences this in september and march, when seasonal changes in temperature creates an abundance of early morning fog. (see also: fog over new york, london and chicago)

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  • 2001 GT-R R34 V-Spec II
  • 4,680,000 yen approx. $44,896.64 USD
  • 72,020KM/44,751Miles

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I’m full of tofu

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by (Martina Bertacchi)

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